The Branding Bando and Caona Contractors


Are Veteran and  Minority owned businesses. The Branding Bando Strives to bring together a diverse and expansive skill set of Artistic, Creative, Strategic and Practical Solutions for Clients.


The Branding Bando combines Cosmetic, and interior design work, Aesthetic and visually pleasing detail oriented Painting, demolition,repair, audio and visual systems for busy Landlords. Business owners Overworked property owners and engaged professionals.


From Handy Work/Maintenance services around the business or home and strategic and Logistical solutions to free up your Time and help to build and maintain sustainable systems.


We consult with you, individually assessing and conceiving solutions, to produce options and walk through the implementation of solutions to deliver services and solve problems for our clients.


  • Interior/Exterior Design
  • Cosmetic Refinishing
  • Cosmetic Property Repair
  • High Detail Painting Work
  • Mural Work
  • Wall Repair
  • “Curb Appeal” Packages



  • Audio, Visual Multi Media Entertainment and Menu systems for Home,
  • Restaurant, Lounge or Office
  • Video and Documentation services
  • Logistical Fulfillment Services
  • Errand Fulfillment, Husbandry, Logistics


For more information contact our offices at:


541613, 541618, 541611, 812199, 238320, 238320, 811490, 238910, 561730, 561790

Tapia is available to consult on Artistic, Business and Academic subjects please send an email to

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