About Tapia

Tapia has released the independent electro Hip hop Album (“Escape Velocity, CdBaby 2012) distributed Electronically through CdBaby, Itunes, Amazon.com, mog, Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora. The music is innovative with depth and a visual style rooted in Identity and Urban Art modalities with a futuristic edge and Cinematic Hip hop feel.

Tapia is currently the Number one artist in the Electronic Hip Hop charts for Rhode Island rankings on Reverbnation.com. He published the Syndicated blog Synkrow the destination for profiling and promoting leaders in Electronic music. He has also written columns on electronic hop for blogs Hip Hop Frat house, and Paperblog.com. He is the son of Parents from Puerto Rico (Boriken) and is from Providence Rhode Island.

Tapia is an Artivist who has carved out a nitch and a unique place in the providence Rhode Island music scene. He has also made a mark in Burgeoning National and world Indigenous Rights, Taino and Aboriginal movements as an artist and activist.

He has Lectured at The Indigenous People Cultural conferences on Viable knowledge and blanqueamiento and the Spanish Caste System, and on aboriginal art and the Psychology of Creativity at Brown University Rhode Island. His Title is Tureygua Taino Cay He is Chief of The Cibuco Bayamon Taino Tribe and Nation a (FANA) Federation of Aboriginal Nations of America member Nation.

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